Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday, Again?

This week fleeeew by. Yep, so quickly that it constituted a few extra e’s in flew. But no really, how is it Friday already? I guess this is what happens when you take two trips in three weeks, and you’re still playing catch up.

So, you guys have any amazing plans for the weekend? I have some of my favorite girls coming to stay with me as a last hurrah before one of them ships off to California for Air Force training (tear…). Should be an epic weekend.

Here’s a little new reading for you! Enjoy…

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The Mrs & The Momma is a blog by the lovely Kristen, a lady I had the pleasure of meeting in person at the Texas Style Council.  The Mrs. & The Momma is a life and fashion blog, and Kristen singlehandedly proves you can be a Mom (of FOUR children!) and still stylish and smokin’. Get to know her a bit better here, and if you’re in the Austin/Buda area, you may also want to check out her wardrobe consulting services

IMG_0337 Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Graceless Lady is authored by Alissa, who happens to be quite hilarious. Read her about page and you’ll see what I mean. Honest, funny, single, self-deprecating, lover of The Real Housewives of New Jersey… all of these things describe Alissa, and make this blog a fabulous, fun read. Drop in and say hello!

 alissa  Blog | Twitter

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Meagan is the blogger behind The Egg, another great, funny, witty blog. I mean, look what she did to her dog. If that’s not proof that Meagan is awesome, I don’t know what is.  Actually, I do know what is… the rest of her blog! You can totally just tell Meag is cool person. Check out her about page to learn a little more!

M Blog

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Happy weekending!

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