Friday, 1 June 2012


I’m headed back home to Austin this morning, and I must say, I’m happy to be going home. I miss my husband, and fur, and my bed. Florida was fun, and Harry Potter World blew my mind (I cried, twice), and my little brother was the sweetest, but there’s no place like home.

I’ll spill more beans about the trip next week, but for now here’s a few new ladies for you to get to know… enjoy their blogs, and leave them some love!

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From There to Here is a blog by Jay, a former teacher and current expat living in Gabon, West Africa, and moving to Norway this summer! If you’d like a taste of life overseas complete with beautiful pictures and accounts of Jay and her husband’s travels, than this is the blog for you. I find it completely fascinating to hear about a life and country 100% different than my own, don’t you? These two are currently on a trip to Spain, so check that out if you’re interested!

JayAd Blog | Twitter

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In Search of Sunshine is authored by Cara, a sweet California girl who now resides in Seattle, Washington. Cara is a lover of wine, design, photography, cooking, and her cute boyfriend, and you can get to know her even better here. Also, how gorgeous are these Lake Tahoe pictures?! Good job on those, Cara! Pretty much made me want to book the next flight to Tahoe… :)

SOML picture- Cara Blog | Facebook

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Next is a blog called Viva La Jussie by the pretty Miss Justine, a Jersey girl, education major, and faaabulous photographer… Justine’s blog is seriously lovely and full of the most breathtaking photos in every. single. post. Photos that tell a story. Girl after my own heart! I am so inspired by you, Justine. Go on over and visit… you’ll be glad you did!

Justine Blog

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Enjoy your weekend!

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