Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday blurb

Feeling so thankful for my friends on this sunny Monday… what. a. weekend. Three of my best girl friends (all of whom were in our wedding) came up for a “slumber party,” because that probably won’t happen again for God only knows how long (one of them joined the Air Force and ships off to California at the end of the month). We played with makeup and went out for pizza and had way too much rum and coke followed by hangovers from hell (OK, so that was just me) and watched two full seasons of Sex & the City and ordered Chinese takeout and didn’t get out of our PJ’s until 5 PM on Sunday, and really… what more could you ask for?

I should also mention that I won us 10% off dinner for spelling “zucchini” correctly on spelling bee night at Home Slice. I was proud of that accomplishment, and felt it should be noted here.

A few scenes from the weekend…

IMG_8831-1This awesome Harry Potter mug turns from black to white and reveals the “mischief managed” message when you pour in hot coffee. :)

IMG_8814-1 IMG_8818-1storyboardtest001IMG_8840-1

Happy Monday to you!

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