Thursday, 17 January 2013

A datevitation

Valentines Day is looming, folks, and if you're anything like me, you love to give thoughtful gifts but suck at the execution part (i.e., you wait too long to think about the gift, then you don't have time to come up with anything thoughtful, so you wind up spending too much money under the assumption that, if you drop some serious dough on 'em, they can't complain... right?)

That logic won't work for me this year, thanks to law school and starting a business, which are both rather expensive endeavors that leave little left in one's pockets.  But THANK GOD for websites like Datevitation, where you can create your own cute little coupon book for your lovah, which is almost no work since you have over 200 date ideas to choose from... including naughty ones. :) This is the FIRST website of it's kind where you can choose all your own coupons, versus being stuck with a ready-made, lame gift book. Something sweet, thoughtful, AND custom, that you barely had to work for?! Right down my alley, folks, right down my alley. (Ask my husband... "gifts" are the last on my list of love languages. I suck at them.)

Today, Datevitation is giving one SOML reader a coupon code for a free 5 page gift book (enter in the Rafflecopter below!), but if you'd rather not wait and try your luck in the giveaway, you can use the code STORYOFMYLIFE for $10 off your purchase in JANUARY. That means you get your custom love coupon book starting at just 10 buckaroos. Quite the steal.

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