Friday, 18 January 2013


I am drawn to bold, bright colors and modern or geometric patterns when it comes to clothing and graphic design, though I often go with the safer option when given the choice between something timeless and something bold and trendy. When I saw this sweater at Urban Outfitters, however, somehow I was drawn to it a like a moth to a flame. The design inside my home is super organic and peaceful and calming and, let's face it, it is so because I had to work around all the damned animal heads, which only leaves so many options for cohesive decorating. So in my wardrobe, starting this year, I've decided to experiment more--with patterns, textures, colors. I'm actually pretty horrible at coming up with cool outfits (simple is my go-to merely because, when I try to complicate things, my brain literally starts melting inside my skull), but I am determined to stay true to fuss-less fashion while incorporating more outside the box pieces that just make me happy, gosh darn it. 


Pants: Banana Republic, Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Steve Madden (similar), Purse: Target (past season), Necklace: J.Crew (past season), Earrings: Acute Designs

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And now for today's featured sponsors! These ladies are completely lovely, and I am happy to share them with you. :)

First up to bat is Adventures as Mrs. Janney, a blog by Oregonian girl Natalie.  She claims not to fully live up to the hippy hype of your typical Oregon resident, though her new pregnancy (!!) seems to have her leaning more in that direction every day.  Natalie was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer (read past posts on that here), though I am happy to say she had that sucker removed (the thyroid) and is doing well now. This pretty lady is an engineer who loves to sew and cook, a wife and soon-to-be mama who loves to blog, and a cancer survivor extraordinaire. A winning recipe, if you ask me. 

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Next up is one of the sweetest bloggers in all the land, Amanda of Marshall's Abroad. If you haven't been by there yet, you A) might be living under a boulder and B) must go there RIGHT NOW. Amanda and her handsome military guy live over in Japan and just ooze love and joy and gorgeous pictures and fantastic recipes and, honestly, what I want to know is HOW does she get her husband to take so many awesome pictures with her? It's literally like giving a root canal to get Matthew to take a picture with me. NO FAIR. Learn a bit more about her here, and proceed to fall in love. Go.

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Last but certainly not least is the lovely Renee of This Won't Hurt A Bit, a blog about the life and times of a Mississippi-raised southern girl and traveling nurse (I didn't even know that was a thing!). If you'd like a nice little overview of Renee's blog, then her year in review post would be a fantastic place to start. You can also mosey on over to her about page where there's some facts laid out quite nicely for you, and also, who says "mosey on over?" I do, that's who. I do. 

Happy Friday!!

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