Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kiss Slavery Goodbye

The other day Matthew and I watched that movie Taken about the young (I think college age) girl who was abducted by human traffickers in Paris and sold into sex slavery (before her father, some secret agent guy, shot up half of Europe to get her back), and I couldn't help thinking about Radiant Cosmetics and the work they do to prevent and end the travesty of human trafficking (slavery) that truly does exist in our world today. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and Radiant has a campaign going called "Kiss Slavery Goodbye." For every lipstick sold, Radiant will donate another lipstick for outreach programs to current victims as well as survivors (on top of the 20% of proceeds that they already donate to the cause).

I know it's hard for many of us to even fathom this atrocity, but it really does happen, and right in our own backyards. Read more about it here.

The shade I'm wearing above is called Moscow and it, along with many other lovely lip colors, can be found and purchased here. (this particular lip color is a matte, but I paired it with a bit of chapstick to combat dry winter lips.)

You can make a difference, just by buying a pretty new lipstick. Let's kiss slavery goodbye, shall we?

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