Monday, 14 January 2013

Buckhorn Cabin

We arrived at Buckhorn Cabin in Fredericksburg, TX on a cold and rainy day... the perfect kind of day for cozying up in a cabin, actually, and I was fairly certain, upon stepping over the threshold, that I had died and gone to heaven. Matthew too. We took a little tour around the place, and he announced quite firmly that this was his favorite of the three bed and breakfasts we've stayed at in Fredericksburg so far, though personally, I don't know how I could ever choose between the three. All so uniquely wonderful.  (Last year, Amoroso Cottage. The year before that, Paradise Loft! We loved both).

But Buckhorn Cabin! In a word, fantastical. I made that up especially for this occasion.  Really, it was all kinds of wonderful, from THE most luxurious king sized bed (I must find and buy those sheets for our bed at home... how are they so soft?!), to the Keurig coffee maker (the likes of which I'd never experienced), to the copper sinks, to the jacuzzi hot tub out in the yard. This was my first time soaking in a hot tub on a truly cold night, complete with steam rising up around us as we sipped our red wine. It was an amazing experience.

Buckhorn Cabin was built in the 1790's in Kentucky and was transferred here where it was expanded upon and turned into the warm little B&B it is today.  I kept staring at the old wooden walls inside, wondering what they'd seen in their last 200 years. It's things like this that keep us going back to Fredericksburg. We love the history and the character, and really, after three getaways there, still feel we've barely scratched the surface of things to do!

I'll leave you with a little tour of the cabin. Hope you enjoy the peek inside...

A couple shots outside...

'Til next time, Buckhorn Cabin....

If you'd like more photos of the cabin or you'd like to book a Fredericksburg B&B, go here. They are the BEST!

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