Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Taking on 2013

Happy 2013, folks! A brand new year stretches out before us, and like so many others, I find myself contemplating exactly what I'll do with this year.  We're all given the same number of minutes and hours in a day, and yet some of us do so much more with them. Some use that time to feed their body well, exercise, build a business, stay focused, nurture friendships, grow, change, learn. And others sort of float along like a feather in the wind, struggling, just making it by. I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, but I'm afraid I've leaned too far in the negative direction lately, not utilizing my time nearly as wisely as I could.  This year I want to turn the tables on that. Duh, New Year's Resolutions typically don't make it too far past January. But this year... this year I need that to be different. As a reminder, I put bright neon stickers on the first of every month in my planner, with the word GOALS written on them. I think that goals are something that need to be constantly reevaluated and tweaked if they are to be reached. New Year's resolutions simply aren't enough. But monthly resolutions? Maybe that could work.

So what do I want to change this year? For one thing, I'm making a commitment to quality on this blog.   I plan to promote better quality sponsors and produce better quality posts. I have some ideas for that, which you may or may not notice in the coming months. Hopefully it will just be an organic addition to what you already see here. I also need to get healthy.  Sometimes people ask me what I do to stay in shape, and then I laugh in their face. I am a pretty unhealthy skinny person, to be honest with you. I sit on my ass on the computer all day, maybe exercising once a week, and somehow that has worked for me so far. But girlfriend is creeping up on her late twenties (terrifying), and I am fairly certain my body is going to turn on me any day now. 

Regardless, I need to get healthy. 

Matthew and I, both together and separately, are taking on some little business ventures as well. Obviously, there's my photography, which I totally plan to take to the next level in 2013. The joint business venture with Matthew is something you'll (hopefully) see here real soon. 

Annnnyway, I could go on and on, but my goals aren't your problem. Bottom line is, let's make 2013 a freaking fantastic year, OK? Writing down our resolutions and feeling super happy and inspired about them isn't enough. You have to do more. Figure out what that is, and then go do it.

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{ hat: H&M, sweater and jeans: J.Crew, bag: Target (past season), leg warmers: Grace & Lace, boots (similar): Franco Sarto, bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot, necklace: Petitor }

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