Friday, 25 January 2013

My new ride

Yeeeeeeah buddy, I got me a bicycle! Actually, my mom got me a bicycle, presumably because she was concerned by my inactivity and also because she got a bicycle and wanted someone to ride around with.

It should be noted that this particular bicycle is neon yellow, has a basket and a bell, and has been dubbed "Daphne." For some reason I feel the need to name inanimate objects and, admittedly, pretend like they're my friends. Perhaps that has something to do with being homeschooled most of my childhood...? 

Daphne and I will have good times together. Good times, indeed.

shout out to Bicycle Sport Shop on South Lamar! thanks for taking excellent care of us!

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And now for today's featured sponsors! First up is Bouffe e Bambini, a life and style blog by Hanna. Hanna is a mama, nurse, runner, amazing cook, and lover of fashion. Yep, this woman wears a lot of hats!  You can expect raw and honest posts from her (like this one), a great archive of recipes, as well as inspiring stories about obstacles she's overcome and paths she's walked down (like her incredible weight loss story here). Hanna is currently pregnant with bambini #3, due SOON, so, YAY for babies! Go say hello to Hanna!

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Next is a super awesome blog by one of the funniest ladies I've "met" - Taylor of the Daily Tay. Have you been? I tried to find some extra funny posts to link you to, but then I realized that would be ALL OF THEM.  Do you suffer from WUD disorder like Taylor does? (I know I do!) Or perhaps you should stop by here and read about blogger faux pas, from Taylor's point of view. Good stuff, folks, good stuff. Get to know Taylor more here, and get ready to immediately add her to your reader and also  quite possibly develop a massive girl-crush. Go!

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Next up is Caley and her sweet blog Ellie Love.  Caley documents the growth of her gorgeous daughter and family life over in Durban, South Africa... waaaay across the pond, for us here in the U.S.! Head on over here to read a little about Caley and her cute husband (how gorgeous are their wedding photos?!) or learn a wee bit more about her here or here. You can just sense Caley's sweet personality right through the screen! Go say hello!

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