Monday, 28 January 2013


So, it's a really providential thing that I acquired a new bicycle around the same time that Matthew and I discovered Gourdough's doughnuts here in town, because without this new, fun form of exercise and with the edition of our obsession with said doughnuts, I would probably be well on my way to morbid obesity.

YOU GUYS. THESE DOUGHNUTS. It was just an innocent dinner out at Elizabeth Street, when I said to Matthew, "hey, let's try Gourdough's food truck in the parking lot across the way... I hear they're really awesome." Matthew wasn't feeling too well at the time, but he grumblingly went along with me, though he decided not to partake in his own doughnut. I bought the Son of a Peach one and took it to-go. On the way home I dived in, and holy mother effing sinfully deliciousness, y'all. I literally started yelling out strange combinations of obscenities when I took my first bite (which makes very little sense, given my mouth was having the time of its life), and I even nearly teared up at one point (PMS). Matthew was like, "what is wrong with you?" and I was like "here, try this," and I handed him over a forkful and then he, too, began cursing in a strange and senseless manner and proceeded to eat half of the rest of my doughnut.

We went back for breakfast the very next morning, and again this weekend. I've tried the Son of a Peach, Granny's Pie, and Cherry Bombs, and Matthew had a make-your-own flavor and the Black Out. So far, Granny's Pie was my favorite, with Son of a Peach in close second.

So, consider this a public service announcement to those of you in Austin who haven't tried Gourdough's yet, or to those of you who plan to ever visit Austin and want to give your taste buds a reeeeal fun ride.

I don't know about the Mother Clucker, Flying Pig, and Porkey's. But I'd be willing to give 'em a try.

this is what happens when you eat Gourdough's. Big, gleeful smiles from normally stoic men like Matthew. Also, see all that gray in his beard? Law school did that, not me. (I don't care what he says)

Happy Monday, my friends. :)

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