Friday, 18 January 2013

Landscape plan progress. What do you think?

Thank you all for your suggestions in my previous posts. I've drawn up some of them and look forward to hearing your feedback.

There are just two different plants and the tree. The hedge all around including the fence are all 600mm high. And then some smaller shrub/plants on the inside of the hedge and outside in front of the fence. Would love to hear your thoughts.

I worry that it might look too busy... What do you think? Should we add more layers? Plants in front of the window on the left perhaps? Plants around the tree as well?

The colorbond fence is brand new, so I am not sure how Mr Thisisme is going to feel about a hedge all along. Is there a way of trimming a hedge without scratching/damaging the fence? Or should we go with stroppy plants or shrubs that don't require trimming along the fence?

Terrible tree, I know *shy*
Thanks to Heidi's suggestions of matching the height of the outside hedges to that of the fence, and increasing the hedge gap to 1.2m I've modified the plan. What do you think?

Is the hedge gap below too big for the length of the hedge, or is it perfectly fine?


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