Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My sweater has elbow patches, does yours?

Fashion is such a funny thing. So subjective, don't you think? Just like anything else, I suppose... food, photography, taste in novels and blogs, the way we like our homes decorated, the way we need the dishwasher to be loaded, so-help-me-God.... all very subjective. We like what we like. And personally, I like stripes, and I like elbow patches, and when you put them together, MY MIND IS BLOWN.

In other news, I got a haircut yesterday (right after these pictures were taken). Yes, this is blog-worthy, as it's been over a year since my last one, and since I've been starting to get mean comments saying things along the lines of "cut-your-hair-you-disgusting-good-for-nothing-human-being-with-sickeningly-long-hair." OK, not exactly that. But close.

So I went to a new salon and got this little old Asian lady hair stylist (is it OK to say that she was Asian? I'm never sure about these things. I think it's important because her accent was cute and it adds to the story), and I'm pretty sure she was horrified by me when I arrived. I told her I needed a shampoo, trim, and blow dry, and her look of horror melted into actual fear at the prospect of having to do all of those things. "Are you sure you don't want just trim? Save you money that way. It thirty-five dollar extra for style. You can dry at home." And I was like, "ummm... OK. Sure. Let's do that." And she was making all these little "tsk-tsk" noises while she combed out my hair which, in her defense, truly WAS a rat's nest due to the fact that I hadn't straightened it, it had been in a braid for a while, and the humidity outside was 100%. I kept apologizing to her for the state of things, but anyway, it went well. She did a good job.

Here's the rest of the photos of today's outfit, and be sure and enter for your chance to win a Tailor and Stylist (where my shirt is from) shop credit below!

not sure what was happening here. this picture is so awkward, I had to include it.

{ Sweater: c/o Tailor & Stylist (10% off your purchase with the code storyofmylife10), Pants: J.Crew, Boots: Franco Sarto (similar), Bag: Theit, Hat: Banana Republic (past season) }

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