Monday, 7 January 2013


I've been wanting to try out Hope Farmer's Market on the East side of Austin, and over the weekend my mom and I finally headed over there for a little looksee. Now the thing about the East side is that, while it's totally cool and up and coming, some parts are not quite there yet. For example, while pulling up to Hope, we were fairly certain we witnessed a drug deal going down, and we were also approached in the parking lot by a rather questionable-looking character who wanted a dollar because "his car ran out of gas." Sure you do, mister. You want us fishing around in our purses so you can shank one of us in the liver and take off with our wallets.


My mom made the comment, "maybe it's called Hope Farmer's Market because you HOPE you don't get mugged while you're here?"

No, but in all seriousness, it was a fabulous little market, and once inside, it was an oasis complete with a folksy band, dogs trotting happily alongside their mommies and daddies, children playing gleefully, fabulous vendors ranging from Flour Bakery to Imagine Lavender Farm (my personal favorite), and of course all of Austin's most elite organic-loving hippies. Which is basically everyone in town.

Here's a few photos (because how can you NOT take pictures at a farmer's market? I have no idea!), and do stop by Hope if you're ever in the neighborhood on a Sunday from 11 to 3 (you know, like maybe on one of your routine Sunday Brunch drug deals?)...

this came home with me

the lavender guy was cool

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