Friday, 4 January 2013

Recent purchases

Since it's been too hot to make any progress on the house, MrB and I decided to go furniture shopping. We rarely find anything that we love + at the right price but this time we were lucky! Phew!

We ended up ordering a buffet and tv unit from Nick Scali. So excited for them to arrive. The buffet I am planning for the wall in between the meals and dining room windows. However, this is the wall where the gas point for a heater (which we are yet to buy is), so we might end up moving the buffet elsewhere. Maybe to the formal lounge or even under the tv in our bedroom...

The tv unit will for now sit in the formal lounge. Once we buy a family room sofa/lounge we will remove the legs from the tv unit and hang it on the wall. If only we would come across our dream family room lounge now.... Ahhhh


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