Friday, 13 July 2012


Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Wow, every Friday I’m reminded of how fast time is flying by. Did you know there are 86, 400 seconds in the day? A supremely thoughtful friend just sent me a charm necklace with the date of Edd’s passing and below that the number 86, 400. The other side of the charm reads “Live Them All.” How beautiful is that? What a perfect reminder.

As usual, I have some good reads for you today. Check these ladies out, and leave ‘em some love...

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Goodheart is blog by sweet Danica (pronounced dawn-i-ca… not like the race car driver!), a Texas girl relocated to Portland now. And by the way, if you’re in the Portland area, Danica has lots of great posts on the city and from other Portlanders here! Hop over to her about page to get to know Danica a bit better, and be sure and introduce yourself, too!

Danica Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Sandy A La Mode is a fab fashion blog by its gorgeous author and namesake, Sandy. Sandy is a sweet mama and straight up fashionista… like, can you come dress me please, Sandy? I said please. Here and here are some of my favorite outfits of hers yet, and here’s where you can peek in on her adorable little guy, Austin. (love that name!) ;P Sandy is cool and funny and you should be her friend. Go forth and conquer.

IMG_3693 Blog | Twitter

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Spunkyrella is blog by little miss Martie, a lover of pretty, healthy things and sharing them with you over at her blog! Martie has tons of personality (which you get a taste of on her about page—a fun read!), and she lives across the pond, in Vienna, so we here in the U.S. get a European perspective. But Martie gets extra points, in my book, for loving New York City about as much as I do, it sounds like! Martie is funny, spunky, and an excellent writer, especially considering that English isn’t her first language.  Go say hello. :)

martie 2 Blog | Twitter

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Enjoy all 86, 400 today! :)

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