Wednesday, 11 July 2012

If you really knew me…

*My dearest of friends, Kristin, wrote a post just like this one yesterday, and I am blatantly copying her. So here goes…
Brittney Squire Photography*photo by Brittney Squire
*wow, two posts in a row where my head was chopped out of the picture
If you really knew me…
+ You’d know I’m blind as a bat. Can’t see the hand in front of my face without my contacts or glasses.
+ You’d know I love thunderstorms.
+ You’d know I’m not afraid of spiders or snakes, but I have an irrational terror of bees, crane flies, and cockroaches. One time I stepped on a roach with my bare foot (accidentally) and ran through the house screaming bloody murder before dousing my foot in the sink… while crying.
+ You’d know I love the smell of dog feet. Unashamedly. Matthew does too. I want to eat them.
+ On that note, you’d know I talk for my dogs, and everyone who comes over to our house frequently enough finds themselves in conversation with Gracie and Cooper. Matthew doesn’t even think twice about it anymore, and neither does my mom. It is what it is.
+ You’d know my number one love language is Words of Affirmation, hands down. The best thing anyone can do for me is say (or better yet, write) something loving, encouraging, uplifting, or nice to me. I keep every awesome email I’ve ever gotten from a blog reader, and can’t bear to throw away sweet cards or letters from friends or family. Nothing makes me happier than to receive an affirming text message or note from my husband, or to hear that my mom is proud of me. Yep. Words of Affirmation. Love ‘em.
+ You’d know weather affects my moods, big time. And so does too much caffeine. And not enough. And stupid people. And… yeah. I can be kind of a moody person.
+ You’d know my feet swell to 72 times their normal size when flying (slight exaggeration). Surely this happens to others, too? Matthew thinks it’s hilarious.
+ You’d know I hate horror movies, especially gory ones. Refuse to watch them. I get genuinely freaked out.
+ You’d know I love Harry Potter. Oh. Pretty sure there is no one who doesn’t know that.
+ You’d know I curse like a sailor. F-bombs all over the place. I realize that will lower some of your opinions of me—perhaps even make you think I’m a bad person and/or unladylike and/or unfollowrighhtthisminute. But I am just not someone who thinks that cursing is bad, or not in certain company, anyway. I’m careful about what I say around people I don’t know very well, or people I know don’t swear, but chances are good that, if we’ve spent any time together, a few choice words have slipped and then the cat’s out of the bag: Jenni has a potty mouth.

+ You’d know I get overwhelmed really, really easily. I can’t handle stress. I break out in a horrible, itchy rash on my hands when I get stressed. It’s kind of pathetic.
+ You’d know I have to sleep with at least one foot outside the covers… usually both. And I often sleep with a pillow or blanket over my face, with a small air hole, of course.
+ You’d know I speak my mind, and I’m not shy about it.  “Jenni, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?” is a statement I have heard many more times than once from my husband, though he’s being sarcastic.
And… I guess that’s all for now. This was sort of fun, to think up things only those closest to you would know.  You should try it! Happy Hump Day. :)

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