Thursday, 26 July 2012

More From Lake Shasta

A houseboat is not a yacht. This much is true. It’s a little more like a floating camper, and I recommend actually liking the people you are floating along with or things might seem a little too close for comfort. Sharing one tiny shower, for example, in which you all must take “military showers” lest the boat’s dirty water tank fill up too quickly. Luckily, our family really likes each other, so it was still an amazing time. We spotted eagles soaring over head, cougar prints in the sand, big fish jumping, and millions of twinkling little stars in the blackest night sky you’ve ever seen. Funny, but one of my favorite moments from the trip was laying out on the top deck of the boat one evening and oohing and ahhing at the satellites and shooting stars as they whizzed on by. It’s just something you don’t usually take the time to see.

Here are a few more photos from the weekend…

IMG_2930-1 IMG_3025-1storyboardtest003nieces Kara and Lana… more gorg pics of them to come

IMG_3020-1 Cougar prints in the sand at the shore

IMG_3697-12Was teaching one of Matthew’s sisters to shoot with backlight in manual, and this was a pretty decent test shot we got!

IMG_2974-2IMG_3003-1doesn’t she look like she’s glowing? beautiful.

IMG_2965-1our houseboat!

IMG_3110-1SIL Kelsey… I think this picture looks like a perfume ad!

storyboardtest002IMG_3454-1my lovely MIL

IMG_3720-1IMG_3733-1not my finest photographic moment.


Oh, and also. I got some of the most amazing sunset shots of my gorg sister in law and niece, and seriously cannot wait to share them. Mind-blowing, they are. Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come…


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