Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Beautiful People

I have been jokingly referring to this couple from a recent session as “the beautiful people,” and you will soon see why. Sometimes everything really comes together to create something pretty darn magical, and the light, the location, and the gorgeous subjects did just that.  I’m a little obsessed with the following images. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

(Meredith, Jack, and Izzie—thanks again! You’re a photographer’s dream...)

 IMG_0118-b IMG_0073-1-b IMG_0081-2-b IMG_0099-1-b storyboardtest001-bIMG_0112-2-bIMG_0153-1 (2)-bIMG_0140-1-bIMG_0156-2-b IMG_0162-1-b IMG_0172-1-b IMG_0181-1-b storyboardtest003-bIMG_0196-1-bIMG_0207-1-bIMG_0215-1-2-bIMG_0232-1-bIMG_0230-1-bstoryboardtest004-b IMG_0246-3 (2)-b IMG_0258-1-bIMG_0261-1-b IMG_0262-2-b IMG_0292-b IMG_0304-1-b storyboardtest007-bIMG_0317-1-b

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