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Sunday Morning Potter Love

I have a special treat for you guys today, in the form of my sweetest ever friend Kristin of Vignettes. She and I are almost the same person in the most important ways, such as in our love for J.Crew and Harry Potter. ;) I've learned so much from her, and I always love to hear her insights on things. She's been writing a series on lessons or themes in our mutual favorite novels, and today she's sharing the theme of love. Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, it's a good read. And who knows... maybe this will further convince you that this is a great bandwagon to be on. :)  Take it away, Kristin!
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Hello Story of my Life Readers! I'm honored to be hanging out at Jenni's place on this fine Sunday. You all know how fabulous she is, so I won't go on and on about that mushy stuff... Suffice it to say: this girl is truly my female soul mate. Love her to pieces. ~ Today I'm loafing about on her virtual couch, sipping coffee, and discussing perhaps our favorite mutual obsession: Harry Potter. Join us?


Love is such an underlying current in the Harry Potter series. You see it woven through every chapter: from the fidelious charm that Harry's mother's love produces as she is killed- protecting him until he is of age, to the fatherly love that Dumbledore shows toward Harry as he guides, teaches, and protects him through his school years, and ultimately the inextinguishable love that shines forth from the unlikely heart of Severus Snape.

When we first meet Harry, at age 11, he hasn't yet tasted love. He is barely provided for, and even that- out of duty. But he is soon surrounded by people who will come to pour healing balm over his lonely heart, who will take him under their wing, encourage him, push him to grow, celebrate his triumphs, protect him, hold him up when he can't stand any longer... Some will even give their lives for him.

Love helps us to become the very best version of ourselves. It believes in our potential. Always extends grace. Love is the one thing that Voldemort would never possess - that Harry did. It was his love that allowed Harry to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in the end. What a powerful message:

Loving other people is far more motivation to live an intentional life than any of our own selfish ambitions.

I love how the Order of the Phoenix movie ends: with Harry's friends walking together as he declares that even though they face a battle, they have found something that Voldemort will never know (alluding to love and friendship): "Something worth fighting for."  

Oh for the love of a friend...who can be made the sacred trustee of my heart... Some find it. Some don't. This year, I was blessed with that ever-sacred gift. What I didn't realize though, was how much richer my life would become with the addition of the deep, loyal love of a best friend. It has changed me. Brought me confidence, boldness, contentment, and freedom.

Harry found that in Ron and Hermione. - Sirius and Dumbledore both recognized their invaluable presence in Harry's life, and often reminded him to consciously keep his friends close to his side. They were an impenetrable force...if they were together.

 And then there is the story of unrequited love found in Severus Snape. Nothing is as tragic as love that is not returned. And so I shan't write about it. Lest I burst into tears. But that storyline brilliantly shows the powerful nature of love...that it can direct the entire course of our lives.~ What beautiful imagery and truth.

Do you have a favorite theme in the HP books?

If you'd like to read more about the lessons I've found between the covers of Harry Potter, you can check out posts HERE and HERE.

Fun chatting with you guys today! Thanks Jenni, for having me over to visit!

***Jenni here again... thought I'd throw in a picture of Kristin while we were at HP World in FL last month... sipping pumpkin juice, of course. :)  Thanks again for the guest appearance, girl!!
***Kristin back: Ummm...thanks Jen. I look like ;-)

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