Thursday, 12 July 2012

Blast from the past

The past is a funny thing, isn’t it? So fully a part of you, and yet also so, well… in the past. Yesterday Matthew and I met up with my old friend Chris back at the restaurant where Chris and I used to work… back where I spent most of high school and all of college, where I spent countless hours of my life, met plenty of characters and made lots of tips, and where Matthew and I met by total chance one January morning.

I imagined table 6, where Edd and my mom once sat and had pie and coffee. Table 14, where some asshole tipped me a nickel for not flirting with him. Table 8, where the sweetest old man named Ralphie used to sit and tell jokes and call me his sweetheart. Table 12, where a woman almost choked to death on her dinner roll. Ah, good times.

So many memories in that little hole in the wall. So much growing up I did there. So much fondness I still have in my heart for that place. Amazing how much a tiny little diner can shape you. Funny how much different I am now, but how much also still the same.

If you’re in the Greater San Antonio/Schertz area, you should definitely check out Abel’s Diner. Sometimes the line is out the door (there’s only 14 tables, after all), but the food is great, and it’s just a neat little place. Here’s a few quick photos I snapped yesterday…

IMG_2524-1IMG_2542-1IMG_2532-1IMG_2537-1storyboardtest002IMG_2510-1This is what happens when you ask someone to take a picture with your DSLR. (haha… love you Chris!) Yep, that’s my old manager flashing gang signs in the background. At least HE’S in focus! ;P 


Happy Thursday! (20% Day…)    :)

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