Monday, 2 July 2012

Ranch Things

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Lots of exciting things happened at the ranch this weekend. For one, we went swimming with Gracie (her favorite thing ever), and Matthew and I talked about how THIS must be what it’s like to be a parent—when your children are happy, it gives you SO much joy. Watching her play in that pool (while Cooper reclined beneath a lawn chair, only occasionally making the trek to his ice-water bowl), so alive and so excited and just so dang happy, had us smiling so hard our faces hurt. That dog is obsessed with water—the extent to which you wouldn’t believe until you see! (check out the pictures from a ranch trip last year… I got even better jumping shots that time.)

My mom-in-law and Matthew’s sis, nieces, nephew and I also went out to the river to hunt for rocks and arrowheads and fossils, and we hit the jackpot with a couple skulls, too. We think the larger one is a monkey, escaped from an upstream aviary back when there’d been a flood. Crazy, right?

We relaxed, ate lots of good food, drove around and looked at animals, shot guns (Texans love their guns), and saw bunnies having sex (not pictured). Perfect weekend, if you ask me.

IMG_0964-1 IMG_0898-1storyboardtest004IMG_0983-1IMG_0957-1 IMG_0974-1IMG_0993-1 My sweet MIL knew I was heading off to edit pictures at one point, and I opened up my laptop to find this sweet note from her… love that woman.

Happy Monday, everyone. :)

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