Sunday, 15 July 2012

SoCo Session

I hope you, dear readers, don’t mind as I post my recent photo shoots here on the blog. Someday (hopefully very soon), I’ll have a separate blog for this, but for now I need a place to send people who’d like to see some more of my work! :)

Below are a few of my favorite photos from a session with Marie and Brendon a couple weeks ago... These two braved the 100+ degree heat down at South Congress, and despite the searing temperatures, I thought we had a lot of fun. Marie and Brendon have been married a while now (poor Brendon thought the last photo shoot he’d have to endure was their engagement session), but Marie and I are both proponents of taking couple’s pictures every so often, because, duh, it’s fun! (for the girls, anyway….) These two are adorable, and I absolutely loved their outfit choices. Some photographers advise that you wear only solid colors in your pictures, but I think fun prints like plaid work great, too. Thanks for being so great to work with, you two!

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