Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Folks

Hi! I’m going to cut right to the chase today. Go check these awesome ladies out. :)

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Jessica Who? is a blog by, you guessed it, a gorgeous girl named Jessica! Jessica, her husband, and their fur baby live in Hawaii, though she’s a born and raised Texan. Points for that already! :P Her about page will probably make you like her instantly (worked on me), and she did her own version of the “if you really knew me” post I did last week, and I really enjoyed hers, too.  Go on over and spend a little time. You’ll be glad you did…

JessicaBlog | Facebook | Twitter

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Meet Ashley, the Arizona blogger behind Oh Wells Instead of What Ifs. This is an awesome blog based around the theme of living life to the fullest—minimizing all those “what ifs!” I loved this post Ashley wrote about blogging (I relate!). Ashley does a lot of excellent writing over there, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Drop in and say hello!

AshleyAd Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Last but not least we have lovely Casey of We Took the Road Less Traveled. Casey and her military (air force!) husband live in Germany, so this fab blog is full of amazing travel posts galore! Besides that, though, Casey is an absolute sweetheart, and you can learn all about her and her story here. This is one you’ll definitely want to follow along with! :)

casey  Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Happy Friday!!

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