Thursday, 19 July 2012

A bridge, A Baby, and A Bassinet

Oh, and the baby’s parents, too, of course. :)

I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable little family a couple weeks ago, and I think we got some really special photos. I loved our location—a beautiful park with a bridge overlooking Lady Bird Lake, and Valerie and Eric (mom and dad) brought along a bassinet that has been in Eric’s family for a couple of generations now! Eric himself actually used it when he was a baby, and now it’s been passed on to his own little guy. How special is that?!

Enjoy these sweet photos…

And PS – thanks for all your wonderful comments yesterday on our master bedroom/gallery wall project!! You people are nice. :)

IMG_1252-1-bstoryboardtest003IMG_1273-1b IMG_1342-1bIMG_1400-2bstoryboardtest008 IMG_1496-1b storyboardtest004IMG_1509-1b IMG_1513-2bIMG_1426-1b IMG_1468-1bstoryboardtest001IMG_1536-2b IMG_1540-1b IMG_1626-1b

Can’t decide which of these next two I like better… color?IMG_1632-1b

…or black and white?IMG_1632-2b IMG_1639-1b IMG_1640bstoryboardtest009storyboardtest010IMG_1666-1b

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