Monday, 9 July 2012

A wheat field, a wedding, and a waffle (and a few unrelated notes on Envy)

+ Wheat field – Found a gorgeous spot and lucked out with a perfectly clear morning for a sunrise family session this weekend.  Drooling over the images we got. My little photographer heart is bursting!


* * * * *

+ Wedding – Attended a beautiful wedding downtown (reception at the Driskill!) and was blown away by all the gorg white flowers. The place was dripping with them. Lovely.


* * * * *

+ Waffle – Ate a Belgian waffle with a friend Sunday morning, and talked about photography and blogging and crazy people in our lives and… you know, all the good stuff.


* * * * *

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been feeling envious lately. Now, I’m really not a jealous person. I’m happy for people when I see good things happening in their life, and I’m fairly confident in most ways, so I don’t compare myself to others much. But lately, I’ve been feeling a bit green. Envious of people with “normal” lives (i.e. husband not in school, able to get going on starting a family, etc). Envious of fancy vacations. Envious of photographers with years more experience then me. Etcetera.

But I would like to, right now this very minute, denounce that envy. Jealousy is such a waste of energy. Reminds me of something I wrote a long time ago on Envy vs. Admiration, and I need to remember that. It’s OK to admire others, and be inspired by them. Inspired to change your routine and exercise more, inspired to work hard so you can afford that vacation you’d love to take, inspired to buckle down and study and practice the shit out of photography stuff (or whatever you love) so you can be a seasoned veteran one day, too.

Envy can either eat you up inside and make you feel less-than, or can be channeled into a driving force that fuels you and keeps you inspired and developing as a person. It’s so important to continuously steer your soul in that latter direction, don’t you think?

Anyway, random. Happy Monday, everyone. :)

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