Friday, 27 July 2012


Good Friday morning to you! I am off to a slow start this morning… and every morning this week, for that matter. Isn’t the week after a fabulous vacation just grand?  Luckily, today I have a perfect little shop and two excellent blogs for you to browse. Enjoy them!

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Flow Designs and the lovely shop owner, Leslie, have been with me over there on my sidebar over a year now. I am so proud to help promote this gorgeous, quality jewelry—both on the blog and off! (I own a pair of Flow earrings and have given the jewelry as a gift.) You simply must visit the shop to get the full effect of these beautiful pieces, but here’s a little preview, as well… this one is my all time favorite!

Flow Shop

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Up next is a blog by another loyal sponsor of mine, Kristie Was Here. Kristie is the best of every world, if you ask me. A photographer with a really great eye for composition, a writer who really touches your soul and makes you think, and a beautiful person, inside and out. She writes openly and honestly about some of life’s toughest topics (divorce, suicide, depression), and you will find yourself lost in the pages of her blog. I have found myself both laughing and crying with her on more than one occasion. Write a book, Kristie? Great, thanks. :)

Kristie Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Secondhand Sundays is an absolutely beautiful blog by its equally beautiful author, Bekuh. This blog is a little slice of eclectic heaven, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked as soon as you step first foot over the virtual threshold. Get to know this vintage and handmade-loving, DIY-doing, delicious meal-making beauty a little more over here, and oh! Check out her closet. So many gorg, bright colors. Does anyone else want to live in there?! Enjoy this gem!

Bekuh Blog | Shop | Facebook | Twitter

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Happiest of Friday to you!

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