Tuesday, 21 August 2012

90cm high laundry splashback - excessive?

Yup, you guessed it! The laundry tiling saga continues :(

With your help I've decided to wrap the splashback tiling around the bench top on the right and continue the tiling past the bench top and to the architrave on the left. Easy!

Now, my second dilemma is how high do I make the splashback? We are having a hanging rail along the total length of overhead cupboards. 

I've already eliminated going high enough to accommodate MrB's shirts, as this would only leave us with a tiny amount of space for the overhead cabinets. (The ceilings are 2.7m high but the bulkheads only leaves us with 2.4m to work with).

Having a 90cm high splashback or three rows of tiles (300x300) would provide me with enough room to hang my shirts, which is great. But, it would only leave us with 60cm for the overhead cabinets. Do you think this is ok? Our bench top is 89cm high. I am paranoid that it will look out of whack. Our kitchen splashback is only 70cm high... 

Or should we go with a 75cm (or 2 and 1/2 rows of tiles) high splashback? This would however mean that tiles would have to be cut ... obviously.

What do you think? 


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