Sunday, 5 August 2012

In a Wheat Field

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A few Saturdays ago I met this stunning little family bright and early for a session in a wheat field, something Jessica (the gorg red-head mom/wife in the photos) and I had been discussing during the weeks leading up. We hoped we’d luck out with a perfectly clear and sunny morning, and boy, did we! The gorgeous, ethereal light in some of these just makes my heart so happy.

This session is also proof of how simple props can make such a difference in photos. The baby in the picnic basket? I died a little. The blue plaid blanket? Perfection, and such a fabulous pop of color. The bubbles? Well, those just did me in. This miiiiight be my favorite session so far. Enjoy!

storyboardtest011IMG_2080-1bstoryboardtest010IMG_2125-1b storyboardtest008IMG_1943-1-2bIMG_1921-2bIMG_1928-1bIMG_1984-1bIMG_1987-2b IMG_1989-1bstoryboardtest004IMG_2040-1b IMG_2059-1bIMG_2031-1b IMG_2032-2b IMG_2036-1bIMG_2159-2bstoryboardtest001IMG_2188-1bIMG_2193-1b IMG_2212-22b IMG_2214-1bstoryboardtest002 IMG_2262-1b storyboardtest003 IMG_2281-1bstoryboardtest006 IMG_2336-1b IMG_2340-1b

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