Friday, 17 August 2012

Sayonara, SUmmer Break.

This Friday (today) marks the end of Matthew’s one and only week off of school for the summer. On Monday, the fall semester and his official second year of law school revs back up…. YAY. <--- Sarcasm.

It’s been a nice week. I’m behind on my work, but it’s been wonderful to have him home, working on projects and exploring the city (sort of) and watching movies and sipping wine. Le sigh. Sayonara, summer break. You came and went too quickly.

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Ladies and gents, meet Betsy of Betsy Transatlantically! This is a fabulous and well-written, witty blog about Betsy’s life and love as she’s journeyed from the U.S. to Europe and back again, fallen in love with an Englishman, and bought a puppy. You know, all the important things in life. ;) You simply must go read her welcome message for you here… and then proceed to fall in love. Go.

Betsy Blog | Twitter

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Little Petrie is a blog by Caitlyn, an Idaho girl with tons of personality. I mean, just look at the picture! Doesn’t it make you smile?! :)  Caitlyn is a nursing major currently attending Boise State University (representin’ here!) and you can get to know her a little better here! Be sure and check out here shop, as well (I want this!).

Caitlyn Blog | Shop

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Last but not least, meet Megan of Second Floor Living. Megan is a blogger who also happens to be a writer and journalist in South Africa! Cool, right? She gets to do awesome things like play with leopards, which makes me very jealous. Get to know her even better here, and be sure and leave her some love. :)

Megan - second floor living Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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