Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I need your advice on Laundry tiling

As you can see below, our laundry is still nowhere near completed.

We are yet to do a second coat of paint, finish off the tiling and buy a proper laundry mixer.

The floor was tiled a long time ago ... I am now stuck on the splashback and that little bit in between the cabinetry on the left and the architrave. Should we tile that tiny bit so that it connects to the splashback? Or should we only tile above the bench top? If it makes any difference (which it probably does)  the light switch falls within the "above benchtop" category, so we will need to cut the tiles around it. So, do we go all the way to the architrave, or finish at the end of the bench top?

By the way, we've got 15cm tile skirting all around and the walls will be whisper white and this is the colour of the floor tiles. The splashback will be done in the same tiles:

PS. MrB is taking a break from his cars for the weekend and is concentrating on the house. YAY!


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