Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Coffee date. Twice a day. With myself.

IMG_5173  this picture needs a thought bubble.

I have become a stone-cold caffeine addict. I don’t think it’s to “problem status” yet since I typically only have two cups of half-caff coffee per day, but it’s gotten to the point where, if that delicate ratio of caffeine-to-hours-in-the-day is not met, I become cranky, lethargic, and get a headache from hell. But then if I have too much caffeine, I also become cranky, lethargic, and get a headache from hell, as well as heart palpitations. Anyone else have this problem?! Of course you do. This is America.

Anyway, my mom and I tried out a cute new coffee shop yesterday, called Vintage Heart Coffee. Get my caffeine fix while surrounded by vintage cuteness—AND get to choose my own pretty cloth napkin to use during my stay? Yes, please. Everyone there was super sweet, too. (shout out to cute barista and harpist, Sarah!) :)

I think that, in this day and age of economic upheaval, general broke-ness of citizens, and also general savvy-ness of consumers, you simply MUST set yourself apart in order to have a successful business. It’s the little things that count. And it always makes me happy to see new places around town that pay attention to the little things.

Happy Wednesday!

IMG_5147 IMG_5161 IMG_5198IMG_5164-2I LOL’ed at that one.

IMG_5206IMG_5192IMG_5201neighborhoods in Austin.

PS – I am also over here today, talking about a new quest I am on for intentional living. If you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed or too busy or like your life could use some simplifying, check out Kristin’s latest posts addressing just that!

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