Friday, 31 August 2012

A Mac update + Friday Features

Week One with my new iMac is coming to a close, and I would just like to say WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE. This PC girl is converted. Of course, any new computer is going to be super fast, but I think Photoshop and Lightroom just run better on here than they ever would have on my laptop. I am editing at lightning speed, and it's easier to not get distracted by my phone and the Internet when I'm not constantly waiting on one program or another to decide it would like to respond in a timely manner. So far my verdict on the Mac purchase is: Best investment ever. 

There are lots of little intuitive things I'm discovering about the Mac, which I suspected I would. It is smooth like butter, and my quality of life zoomed through the roof this week. If a computer can do that for you, then it's worth its weight in gold.

Anyway. Here's some cool ladies to keep you busy this weekend. Check 'em out.

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Oh how I love me some Becky and her blog, Apples of Gold. Becky is a breath of fresh air--open, honest, a fabulous writer, a mom, a wife, and a New Yorker turned California girl. I love this post she wrote about the reality of marriage. Please, do yourself a favor and go read a little more about her here!

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Charlottote’s Web is a blog by, you guessed it, a girl named Charlotte! Charlotte is a funny chick with a dry sense of humor (my favorite) (go here and see what I mean), and she resides across the pond in England with live-in cats and a bunny and a boyfriend. I'm looking forward to her current top 10 series! Go on over and see what Charlotte's Web is all about.

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Kerry keeps a beautiful blog called Throw You A Rose, and I promise if you delve into it a bit, you'll be hooked! Kerry is a wonderful, witty writer that paints a really lovely picture with words. PLEASE read this post! That is just a little sample of the kind of goodness you can expect from miss Kerry. Go. You will love her.

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Happy Friday, folks.

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