Thursday, 30 August 2012

At Hillside Farmacy

First of all, I would just like to say WOW on the response to yesterday's post. Writing it was sort of an afterthought late Tuesday night--the product of being fed up with myself and my habits, and just wanting to get it all out there for accountability's sake. I didn't realize that so, so many of us are struggling with the exact same thing. How awesome that we can be more aware now, and take steps towards "reform!" I am trying out some new techniques this morning. I prayed and meditated on the day to come instead of checking my phone as I had my coffee, and now I have more of a "game plan" for the day written out in list form. Also, my phone is turned on completely silent and stowed away in my desk drawer for now (only to be checked after I complete tasks), and I have an old fashioned, ticking timer beside me on the desk to remind me how much time I'm allotting for certain things. We'll see how today goes! We can do this!


On another note, yesterday my mom and I visited a new joint in town called Hillside Farmacy, which is a way cool, converted old pharmacy turned restaurant on the east side. It was SO fabulous! Pretty much a blogger/photographer's dream, with lots of fun things to take pictures of. (and the food was awesome, too!)

There were salvaged old pharmacy cabinets and drawers still complete with their antique drug labels, framed old prescription slips, mason jars, old fashioned milk bottles, and... well, I'll let the photos do the talking. If you're in Austin, you simply MUST stop in this place. I highly recommend the Watermelon Salad and the Mac & Cheese. To die for.

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