Monday, 27 August 2012

This Just In

This weekend Matthew and I watched part of a show called 101 Gadgets That Changed The World (or something like that), and I felt like such a techy geek because of how excited it made me. I. LOVE. TECHNOLOGY. I love computers. I love cameras. I love smart phones. I love radio. I love all gadgets that make life easier and better and keep you connected to the world, and keep you telling stories. I’m sure most people my age can relate, because we are children of the technology age, aren’t we? I’m pretty sure my kids are going to pop out with iPhones in their chubby little baby hands—it’s just adaptation and evolution, you know? Except minus the monkeys and stuff. YOU might have come from a monkey, but I didn’t. ;)   (I kid)

Point is, nothing makes me more excited than my technology. And I’ve known a computer upgrade was in my future for some time now. With blogging and photography and social media as a business and a passion, it seemed to make sense to go for the gold when it comes to my computer. So I’ve been saving my pennies all summer, and yesterday I bit the bullet and bought me a shiny new iMac. IT IS BEAUTIFUL.


I’m expecting a bit of a learning curve since this is the first Mac I’ve ever owned, but that’s OK. I’ll catch on quickly. What are your thoughts on Mac vs. PC? Photographers out there—do you think it’s better for editing, etc? Tell me what I want to hear, people. I just spent a small fortune on this beast…   ;)

Happiest of Mondays to you!

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