Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's nice to meet you...lets go

Some blog friends are hosting a link party so we can to get to know our readers, and hopefully you can get to know us.  Please introduce yourself, leave a comment or better yet join in the link up too.  
I'll kick things off.  Six things I love to do at home are:
Here's how to play along: 
- create a post on the six thing you love to do at home.  Make a list, take some photo's, write a story, we don't mind how, just join in.
- include our It was Nice to Meet you button on your post and link it back to this page
- use this code to show all the other people we are getting to know in your post.
There is an award:
Lucky thirteen blogs are hosting, so please stop by and visit us all.
After the party we are each going to choose a new follower to win our Nice to Meet you Award.  If you win we will be sending you a pretty blue ribbon to display in a post or on your side bar.

Please stop by for a visit:  Ashley @ Bricks & Baubles;  Lindsay @ Shrimp Salad Circus;  Lianne @ A Content Housewife;  Jeanette @ Artchoo;  Lauren @ Elleby Design;  Ashley @ She Makes A Home;  Erika @ Fox Trot Press;  Suzannah @ Adventures in Dressmaking;  Sentrell @ Suite Seven;  Dani @ The Future Reynolds;  Jenny @ House Full of Pretty;  Haeley @ Design Improvised;  Eva @ Build House Home

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