Monday, 6 August 2012

This is a real place.


Yesterday Brittany and I went vintage and junk store shopping, and while making our rounds, we discovered the little gem of a place pictured above. Yes, it’s a real store, where things are being sold. And the looks on our faces upon stepping over that threshold must have been a sight to behold. We were terrified to touch anything lest an entire aisle of crap come crashing down upon us, wherein we would likely suffocate and perish. Harry Potter fans, this store totally reminded me of the Room of Requirement, where centuries of students hid forbidden things, yeah?!

Mind = Blown.  Hope your Monday is a peaceful and clutter free one. Have a great day!

* * * * *
PS – Austinites: the store is called Out Of The Past, if you’d like the experience. It’s like none other.

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