Friday, 3 August 2012

Blog Love

I have a few truly fabulous blogs for you today. I’m always trying to come up with words other than fabulous or lovely to describe things, since we bloggers overuse those words so, but sometimes, well, they just fit. Go check out the fabulous lovelies below. (ha!) ;)

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A Dreamer’s Daze is a beautiful blog by Ariel, a girl you simply cannot help but fall in love with. Ariel is an amazing writer AND takes lovely pictures (there’s that word again!)—she’s a California girl at heart currently going to school in Vermont and still reeling from a fabulous study-abroad adventure in Europe. Get to know this sweet girl a little better here (I find that someone’s “about” page is always the best place to start!), and be sure and sign up to follow along with her journey.

ArielBlog | Facebook 

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Check out Back East Blonde by miss Nadine, yet another Cali transplant now living back East! This morning she has a fabulous introduction post full of links to great reads to get to know her better, so be sure and check those out. (Personally, I’m pretty smitten with her unromantic love story.) Go make a cool new friend, you guys!

NadineBlog | Facebook | Twitter

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Ah, Ashley… of House of Glass. I simply cannot say enough nice things about this blog and the wonderful girl behind it!  Ash is another California girl (wow, seems to be the theme today!), living a healthy and meat-free life with her husband, three dogs, and one cat, and this girl’s personality shines through everything she does. Go fall in love with her here. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Ash1  Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Happy Friday!

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