Saturday, 25 August 2012

Some good news at last ... sort of

We ordered our downstairs powder room vanity 3 months ago. I last contacted the cabinetmaker 2 months ago but never heard back from him... so today I decided to give him a call again to see if everything was ok. I was worried for him, he did our kitchen, laundry and ensuite vanity and we've been extremely happy with him and his work... Anyways, turns out he's had the doors painted and cut everything up months ago but then got so busy that he didn't have time to drop it off and put it all together... okkkkk. So he promised he would come some time next week to install it. Fingers crossed.

It's been so annoying having guests wash use the laundry for hand washing since it's on the other side of the house. Really looking forward to a vanity in the powder room!

We are also very keen to have a tv unit made so we can finally move the tv from the "formal"lounge to the family room. However, deciding on the height and configuration (drawers vs shelves with doors) has been a pain in the neck! All the power points will be behind the tv unit and the tv will sit on top of the unit, so we will need to have holes cut out for the cable to go through...

Any tips on what configuration to go for? Drawers vs regular doors? A combination of both? We are having a proper tv/cinema room where all the equipment etc will be stored since everything is connected via Cbus. Also, we don't have to worry about the remote control working through the tv unit doors, thanks to Cbus. I am not a fan of open or glass/perspex doors on tv units...

A layout of our family room:

Oh, and I will be calling the tiler soon to finish of the laundry tiling. Really excited about that. We will then order the overhead cabinetry and wall to ceiling cupboard. Hope it doesn't take 4 months to have them installed though...

Considering that our laundry cabinetry, bench tops and walls are all white and all the tiling is grey... Do you think it would look odd having the gap between the white architrave and cabinetry tiled in grey tiles? We've got skirting height tiling in the laundry, so this would be the only area with tiling all the way to the splashback...

And a reminder of what our powder room vanity should look like:

Can you believe we've been in the house for almost a year? :(
Still no curtains, no driveway :(


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