Thursday, 16 August 2012

And that’s as far as I got into Barton Springs Pool.


Barton Springs Pool is one of “the things to do” in Austin, so yesterday we headed down to Zilker Park to see what this place is all about. Apparently, it’s about ice cold water. Obviously others were enjoying it, but the photo above demonstrates about how far I was willing to immerse myself in said ice cold water. It was a grand old time.

I should probably note that I am one of the most temperature sensitive individuals in history. Extremes of hot or cold turn me into a bear. A really bad news bear. I should also note that alcohol and food is not permitted at this particular watering hole, so we did not last too long. Seems to be a great place to cool off with kids, though. Glad we checked it out, at least.

Hope you all have a happy Thursday!

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