Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kitchen Nook Before & After

Striped Wall - Story of My Life blog
As you may recall from last week’s absurdly-expensive-wallpaper debacle, Matthew and I decided to paint stripes in our kitchen dining nook. This room in the house has been a bone of contention for me since moving in, because I just can’t seem to decide how to decorate it and what color to paint it. The dark wood table, chairs, and mirror came from Matthew’s bachelor pad, so like in most areas of the house, I had to work with what I’d been given (which, in most cases, means lots of fur and heads and watching eyes. Ah, the joys of being a hunter’s wife!).

Well, the stripes came out great, and I really like the colors and the look of them. I’d like to eventually get new chairs and a new (possibly round, oriental) rug to balance out some of the darkness in that room, but I decided that, if I wait to get new chairs and placemats and a centerpiece and more doodads for our antique shelves on the wall, this post will never happen. Or it will take another year to happen. So instead of waiting that long, I’ll do a before and after now, and then another before and after later, but the before will be today’s after and the after will be the new and improved kitchen nook somewhere months or possibly years down the road, at the rate I like to get shit done. (is anyone still following me?) Wow. Ok, here it is.

IMG_5248-2Striped Wall - Story of My Life blog 2btw, the wall color in the kitchen and column by the barstool is still blue, but the lighting here made it look different and almost white. The “before” picture was taken at a different time of day with less light.

Striped Wall - Story of My Life blog 3 Antique shelp and knick-knacks - Story of My Life blog 

Unfortunately, I forgot to write down the paint colors, but I will try to figure it out next time we go to Lowe’s, and I’ll add it to this post in case anyone is interested. But both colors are Valspar! Also, we (we meaning Matthew) traced out the stripes using an 8 inch plank, which made it fairly simple. And we used frog tape. Best tape ever!

Happy Tuesday… :)

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PS – Want to see other rooms in the house? We’re all creepers. We all do it.

Master bedroom
Dining room
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