Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The girl with the crazy earrings

Back in my waiting tables days, I used to supplement my bland uniform of khaki pants, a white shirt, and a green apron with the brightest, craziest, dangliest, and/or sparkliest earrings I could find. I guess it was just my way of reserving the right to show some personality, despite the uniform. The earrings were also a good conversation piece with customers—some had their favorites I would wear, and others checked my ears each time they visited the restaurant and said things like “oh, wearing the Eiffel Towers again today, I see” or “are those mini Christmas ornament balls you have on there?”

Indeed, my collection of “dangly” earrings is extensive, and while most of them are packed away in bags now and certainly not part of my normal repertoire, I think I’ll always keep them, for the memory. And if I have little girls some day, I bet they’d love to play with them. I know I loved playing in my mom and Grandma’s old jewelry. :)

These days I’m more into simple, but still unique things. Poshlocket, for example, has some really beautiful and uncomplicated pieces that I’m totally digging. Statement jewelry has its proper time and place, but I find I get the very most use out of the more classic pieces. Here’s a couple of my favorites from the Poshlocket summer line, in case you’re interested. The prices are great too, so these are winners.

PL1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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