Sunday, 18 November 2012

What a week.

What a week, indeed. Thursday my dear husband went to the ER and promptly had emergency surgery to remove his appendix, and a couple scares, a couple days, and one night in the hospital with him later has me all cornfuddled and behind on life stuff. So happy to report that Matthew is now home and doing a bit better. More on that tomorrow!

Also, WOW on the response to this post last week. I clearly opened up a can of worms! The yummy kind though. Like, gummy worms on top of Oreo cake. I have so enjoyed reading through each and every one of the epic comments.  Thanks to all who left a response for the rest of us to mull over... I love it when a post starts a conversation. That's what blogging is all about!

And now, check out the lovely ladies and one cool shop for shades I'm featuring today.  Enjoy, and happy Sunday!

* * * * *

The first blogess up to bat today is pretty miss Kaity of the Brownie Diaries, a college student and fashionista with aspirations of being a doctor and spending lots of time in France!  Kaity writes about her life and passions and sometimes writes candid posts like this one, which I think the blogosphere needs more of.  Get to know this sweet girl more over here, and let her know you stopped in!

* * * * *

Next on the list is beautiful Annika of Words by A, a blog about life as a mom, wife, journalism grad, and overall awesome photographer/bloggerista extraordinaire. Her photos tell a story, which are my favorite kind of photos. :) Annika is totally cool and funny, as evidenced here and every other post. Also, how cute are they?! Told you. Seriously, I hope my children are this adorable. Go say hello. 

* * * * *

Next up is your one stop shop for sunglasses. No, seriously. I'm fairly certain that this site sells every brand and type of sunglass known to man.  Hipster wayfarers? Check. Awesome aviators? Check. HarryPotterish? Check.  Here's a great place to get started searching for your favorite frame shapes. Mail the links to Santa, and you'll be set. 

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