Thursday, 29 November 2012

Plantation shutters on colonial style windows. Yes or no?

My dear followers

You all know how much I love asking questions, and hearing all your advice and feedback. I hope you are ready for this post, because it is chock-full of questions. Eeeek!

Should we go with plantation shutters for our home? I like them, don't get me wrong, but I have some concerns. Here they are:

When looking from the street, do you think they would make our colonial style windows look too busy?

If you think they would NOT make our facade look too busy:
  1. Would they look wrong with exposed power provision next to every single window? We got carried away during the electrical stage. I thought we would definitely go with sheers+curtains, and MrB wanted them motorised, or to eventually get them motorised. I guess it's not a big deal since they are white and don't stand out TOO much but still... it's  not perfect which is what I would like :(
  2. We have a 20 meter long open living space downstairs. If we go with plantation shutters for our front windows, it would make sense to continue the same throughout the house, right? With our huge windows, and a sliding door to the alfresco, would there be too much of the plantation shutters? All our windows and obviously the sliding doors are 2.4m high. The sliding door is 3.6m wide, both meals and dining windows are 2.4m wide, and the one in the sitting room is 1.8m wide.
  3. Although originally we were meant to have glass bi-fold doors separating the open living into two, I am thinking of possibly getting plantation shutter bi-fold doors to separate the two areas. But again, I am worried it might look too over the top?
  4. Ideally, I would prefer 2 panel plantation shutters for all the windows, but with the colonial ones this obviously won't work, so we would have to have three panel ones. I guess this is not a biggie, and I am just over-exaggerating as usual, aren't I? *shy*
    Top: The facade. Please excuse our "temporary" window treatment in the form of masking paper *shy*
    Bottom: power provision next to every single window and sliding door *sigh*
20m long open living space

Our open living.
Left: looking towards the street facing window.
Right: looking away from the street facing window.
Three panel choices for the colonial windows.


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