Tuesday, 6 November 2012

One step forward, two steps back

One step forward, two steps back seems to be the story of my life,when it comes to curtains. Last weekend I headed to Spotlight to see what's out there. I left feeling very disappointed to say the least. 

I wish I had put some thought in the window covering options during the build. If I had, we probably would have gone with square set cornices, or shadow line above the windows... so we could hide the track above the window... but it's too late now, and we are stuck with the cornices...

Throughout the window covering decision making process, I've been scratchings options off the list. Just when I think I've found what I like, it ends up being ... not the best option, for various reasons. 

I had recently decided that that I wanted to go with the eyelet/rod system for the blockout curtains... In Spotlight, most of the rods available seemed to come with a clip on ring system (as per the second photo below). The rod selection was very limited ....

In order to compare the the cost of custom made/vs ready made, I asked the SA about the availability of 2.7m long ready made eyelet curtains and was told that because of such a small amount of fabric on top of the eyelet, over time the material rips, especially when it comes to heavy/long curtains. 

Is this true? Can someone shed some light on this? Please?

I would like to invest in some good quality blockout fabric and have them custom made, but if the eyelets are going to pop-out, rip out the tops of the curtains then ... I'm not so keen ...

What would you suggest? Do we still go with the eyelet/rod combo? Or do we go with tracks instead? I think most of the exposed tracks are ugly, but maybe we could have some simple, slim-line (non fabric) pelmets made up? What do you think?


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