Thursday, 1 November 2012

Laundry overheads and first built-in robe

We are about to order the next lot of cabinetry for the laundry and bedroom 2. But as always, before we lock in the deal, I thought I'd run my ideas past you :)

So for the laundry overheads, I was thinking of going handleless. This will mean more fingerprints, but it will look more streamlined. We will have a floor to ceiling cabinet on the opposite side, where I envisage most of the cleaning products etc will be stored. It will have handles. So the overheads will probably hardly ever be used. What do you think? Handleless or use the same handles as we did in the kitchen. (The handles we are putting on the doors under the sink and on the floor to ceiling cabinet will be the same as the kitchen handles). What do you think?

Due to a bulkhead and high splashback, the overheads will be 61cm tall.

Ikea like drawers with gaps in between

Now for our first built-in robe fit-out drawers. I am not a fan of the standard wooden, curved handles. But at the same time I don't want anything too expensive since they will be behind closed (sliding) doors. I was thinking something like the photo below, but the edges seem a bit too sharp. Am I over thinking this? Probably, hey *shy*. What drawer system would you recommend for a wardrobe fit-out behind closed doors? Something reasonable looking and not too expensive?

Or Ikea like, with gaps in between each drawer?

And here is our 4 sliding door built-in configuration once again:


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