Sunday, 11 November 2012

Built-in-robe sliding doors. What do you think?

Just when I thought I had the built-in-robe doors sorted out .... I realised that going with the doors to match the rest of our internal doors will not be possible :( ... because both outer doors will be covered by 25cm of the two inner doors ... breaking the symmetry and the visible pattern on the doors :(

I am now considering plain flush doors to go on either side of the Mirrored doors in the middle. But, will having 3 different types of internal doors look too busy? The plain, flush doors are also paper weight compared to the mirror doors and the original ones I wanted (our internal doors).

What would you do?

We are going with the Quickslide system from Corinthian.

What do you think of the 4 door combination below:

A couple of mirror doors in the middle, with a plain flush door on each end.
 These are the internal doors we've got throughout the house:

PS. I just realised that when working out the price for the DIY Ikea minimalist TV unit I used Eastern States prices instead of the SA prices. In SA we are paying 45% more. Who would have thought? What a rip off! So for the 6 pieces listed in my previous post it will cost $360 in SA (not $250 like I originally worked out). Boo hoo! 45% more!!! Uggghhh


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