Friday, 2 November 2012


(Thank God It's Friday Features Day)

Good Friday morning and Happy 2nd of November to you! I really can't believe it's November already. This week got away from me, so while I'm off getting my act together, I've arranged some great reading/shopping material for you. No need to thank me. Happy Weekend!

* * * * *

Aunie Sauce is a blog by a beautiful girl named Annelise, AKA Aunie (pronounce ah-nee).  Aunie blogs about her life in Boise, Idaho, personal style, love, and everything in between. You will find refreshing honesty over at Aunie's, and I think you'll love it. Go there.

* * * * *

Sweet miss Brittney is the brains behind Casa Di Moo, a personality-filled lifestyle blog you really just can't help but love. Brittney sealed the deal for me with her about page and all SEVEN of her four-legged fur babies, and ALSO, I want to live in her house, don't you?! Stop by for a visit! 

* * * * *

Lovely Serendipity is a blog authored by lovely Gia, a university student from all the way over in New Zealand! Gia blogs about her life and occasionally about her freelance job, which, by the way, she seems to be quite fabulous at! Check out her professional site too, where she offers services for beautiful illustrations, freelance writing, and virtual assisting. This girl is a Jack Jill of all trades! :)

* * * * *
Last but not least, keep the fabulous Marolsha in mind next time you're in the market for some beautiful and unique jewelry, from gorgeous pocket watches and lockets (my personal fave), to hairpins and combs and everything in between. This shop has a lovely vintage flair but I think it still has jewelry to fit every taste. Enjoy your browsing! (and use the discount code FALL20 for 20% off your order through Sunday, the 4th!)

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