Monday, 26 November 2012

Driveway at last! And arched windows...

After living in the house for over a year, we've finally got a driveway!!! We went with Boral Salt and Pepper and exposed aggregate and got the plinth and path around the front of the house done as well. We are so glad we chose a great concreter this time. We still need to acid wash the bricks at the front, paint the plastic part of the downpipes, and are thinking of sealing the exposed aggregate. Has anyone had this done before? What are your thoughts? Is it worth it?

Remember this post? Well, after all we ended up going with this instead:

Even though in my pictures the difference in concrete doesn't look like much, in reality, we would have been left with a tiny grass patch had we gone with the option I had originally decided on. It was a difficult decision, because I wanted matching hedges AND as much grass as possible, so I left it up to MrB to make the final call. I don't like what I've been left with, but I am glad that I wasn't the one who made the final decision. Strange, I know...

Thank you to all who provided feedback on my Arched Windows in Modern/Traditional homes post! If anyone missed it, I'd love to hear your feedback too.

Here it is:

The exterior of our home is very traditional, but the interior is a mix of modern and traditional. We've got a fairly modern (glass balustrade) staircase and a contemporary kitchen and bathrooms ... However, none of the finishes are ultra modern, and are in my opinion fairly traditional/timeless. Eg. white kitchen, hardwood flooring, grey stone look tiles etc.

Do you think we should make the three arched windows a feature on the inside, or should we cover them ? Two of them are in bedrooms, and one is in the open space where the staircase is ... I've always thought that arched windows look wrong in contemporary spaces, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Our ensuite, facade & kitchen


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