Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wall-to-wall curtains. Should we?

Should we do wall-to-wall curtains for the windows below (master bedroom, sunspace & formal lounge) or would it look too formal/over the top?

The master bedroom window for example is 1.8m wide. There is 71cm from the window to the walls, on either side.

  • Our ceilings are 2.7m high.
  • The curtains I am planning on are sheers + blackout/blockout.

The total track/rod length we will need if we go with wall-to-wall is around 3.3m.

My concern is, being able to find the tracks/rods at this length, and at a reasonable cost. And them having to be heavy duty in order to support such weight of the curtains. I've found that anything better quality/heavy duty needs to be custom made and is hence a lot more expensive than the off-the-shelf stuff...

Look forward to your feedback and advice.

Clockwise: Master bedroom, Sunspace (very old photo), Formal lounge, Formal lounge (very old photo)


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