Friday, 9 November 2012

That time of week again...

Howdy folks! Another Friday is upon is, and as it often does, that means it's time to go make friends with some new bloggeristas.  Here's today's lineup!

* * * * *

The beautiful miss Megan is the brains behind Freckled Italian, a lifestyle blog that covers everything from fashion to eating paleo to life in and out of college (she just finished her master's in Children's Literature!). She also lives in Roanoke, Virginia, which makes me jealous. Megan is smart and fun and pretty and basically all of the qualities you'd need in a best friend. Go be-friend her.

* * * * *

MacKensie is a blog by a girl name MacKensie. ;)  A pretty girl named MacKensie, at that!  Interestingly, like Megan above, she's also all about a paleo diet, and she's super healthy and trains for marathons and stuff, which sort of makes me shiver.  Get to know this cool gal a bit better over here, and let her know you stopped by, or it doesn't count! 

* * * * *

So, first of all, Alexa of Southern Living, Our Way is flipping funny, see proof HERE.  Second of all, she's also quite pretty, which may lead you to believe that being insanely cute is a requirement for sponsoring my blog, though it isn't, I promise! Get to know this awesomely funny girl here, and since that probably won't be enough for you, go here too. Might as well check out her and her hub's gorg wedding pics while you're at it. Have fun!

Happy Friday!

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